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The police minister warned that “hard 24/7 controls in any numbers would alter New Zealanders perception of government control.”

In total 3 comments were made and 11 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?

Wisdom of the crowd

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Vinny Eastwood Vinny Eastwood wrote. This is far from a “new” plan, Soviet Russia already did this, communist China is still doing it, this has nothing to do with health and everything to do with global dictatorship.
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Char Staples Char Staples wrote. This reminds me of statements made by Elon Musk over the years. He told the public how the most dangerous issue facing humanity was AI who has changed that now and says it is not AI and is that we need to increase population numbers. Of course he has been the one to push AI the most and has used his vast fortune to force it on us all as an every day part of human life. If people understand how psychological warfare works they will understand that often times it is about purposely, subtly inserting certain rhetoric into statements to predictively programme the public for things that are going to be rolled out. In an already traumatised and weakened population these kind of statements only serve to create fear in the people rather than placate them. This statement is not completely true either. It is assuming that the public do not already have a totalitarian perception of current governmental control. It also puts us all in a box. This ambiguous statement would have been better if it had of read, "as the Minister of the police I can say that the police will not support these kind of draconian controls because they are both unnecessary and unlawful and our job that we are handsomely paid for by the people, is to protect and serve the mostly law abiding public, not to harass, endanger, fear monger and possibly harm them!"
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Daniel Suter Daniel Suter wrote. Well said police minister. I think the police know better than anyone what will happen if this government pushes for more aggressive measures to control and over police the people. Covid is not anywhere near as dangerous as this government is.
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