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But the bill does not say what counts as appropriate. It states only that the practitioner must consult with at least one other colleague, and take into account “all relevant legal, professional and ethical standards,” the woman’s physical and mental health and “overall well-being,” and the age of the fetus.

Agnes Loheni, a National Party member of Parliament who opposed the bill, said: “It will allow for abortion up to the moment of birth. It is a broad, ill-defined, vague section with no regard to the unborn child.”

Simeon Brown, another National Party lawmaker, said the new law would allow abortion in cases when a fetus could survive outside the womb, or for sex selection. And he complained that the bill’s supporters dismissed any objections as religiously based, and denigrated those that were.

“I’m opposed to this bill not because of the tenets of any religion but because of scientific, philosophical and ethical principles,” he said.

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Char Staples Char Staples wrote. Infactically, No! Well before the second trimester and definitely by this stage, the fetus has been well formed and is affected by outside stimuli and therefore has some kind of awareness and thus it is inhumane to kill any being during this time frame!
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