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Char Staples Char Staples wrote. This is a no brainer. There are several ways to learn. Audibly, visually, kenetically, amongst others, as well as various combinations of these. The current education system overall, only caters for one kind of learning. This does not encourage freedom of thought or expression. The best approach would be to create a style of teaching that encourages the ability for students to express and practise their individual attributes and the things they enjoy. At the least, it would help increase their health, well being and happiness levels by aiding endorphine production, as well as ensuring; better focus, concentration and the ability to retain more information, thus producing a greater perpensity to learn.
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RangiMarie Kingi RangiMarie Kingi wrote. JACINDA ADERN IS A GLOBALIST AND MUST GO 2020 REPORT 16July2020: These types are nazi-genocide TRAINED GLOBALIST dictators of the AGENDA 21 Depopulation plan of generational holocaust schemes of queen victoria and HITLER...PLANS to murder a section of the population through man made corna virus - DRIVING VACCINATION POISONING INJECTIONS AS PART OF AN INTERNATIONAL DRUG CRIME RING TRADE DEAL. This partnership includes WHO officials MargretChan China Communist party, Tedros the Pedros, melidna Gates, USA Clinton-Obama administrations, and Queen elizabeth hospitals administrations DRUG DEALERS.....WHERE IS A COURSE OF JUSTICE?? We need to CANCEL NZ ELECTIONS 2020. And Adern Agenda Globalist needs forced removal. Why? Because Jacinda Adern is multi contracted to Communist party CHINA TRADE DEAL using NewZealand as a WUHAN project with the outcome to mass poison a section of the population like China did and cremated up to a million people after FORCED INJECTIONS DEATHS dec2019.
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