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Headline: Striking teachers have lost the war, even if they win a small pay battle

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Sounds like too much commonsense for a teacher to make these comments, couldnt agree more. Extra money doesnt bring more teachers, it just pays more to average ones.10617771dukeofnormandy
Someone had to say it.9115261the fisherman
You have 7 staff, 48 students & less than 12 per class in your Remuera middle school Alwyn! My Mangere primary teachers sometimes have 48 students per class as we cant get relievers with classrooms that barely fit 30. Why dont we eat cake huh, yeah when the kids havent even had breakfast or lunch Marie!7710730DividedWeFall
It is not clear from the article that MrPoole is in fact the principal of an elitist, fee paying private school with a student ratio unheard of in the public sector. That disclosure would have been informative and frame his somewhat right leaning opinion, for those outside Remuera, Mt Hobson Middle School sounds like your average State Internediate, it is not.5612367muzza9999
Thanks for this. Anymore strikes and teachers are going to lose public support which the government is probably betting on. 5211462Starlight2
There is some truth in what he says. As a teacher I would be happy with a small pay rise if there were more staff put in schools, class sizes reduced and greater non-contact time to allow for the admin & planning to be done. 

At the moment the job is has high levels of stress (by the way I worked for 17 years in industry and business before teaching) and teachers are suffering burnout, hence the huge number quitting.

Reduce the workload to more manageable levels and things will get better all-around. But a huge pay rise is not going to fix anything.
51565Original cantab
If half the population wasnt actively being discouraged from becoming teachers purely because of their gender, perhaps there wouldnt be a shortage of teachers?  And if student teachers were selected for their academic ability and then properly taught how teach vs spending most of their time learning PC nonsense, we may just have competent world class teachers once again.39467MadManMo
Just because someone has more qualifications does not make them better at the job they do. Look at some of the recent coaches of the Blues franchise.33374CJK1
From the Mt Hobson Middle Schools Prospectus; Mt Hobson Middle School is a small boutique style school with a total roll of just 48 students with no more than 12 students per class. Fees per student top out at $14K per annum. This guy has the nerve to make judgement on a system he obviously no longer takes part in!316736jaseandlis
The problem for teachers, aided in large part by their union, is they have normalised poor working conditions. Working 50,60+ hours a week is just considered part of the job. Many organisations have realised that better working conditions means more productive staff. But teachers have been led to believe that unions are the only way to get what they want. Why would a potential teacher join the profession when they could be in a job where they can leave at 5, have a weekend or personal life, and still get paid the same.30322solarsailer
So what happens to schoola where principals employ y3 teachers to spend the rest of bulk funding on other stuff. No experienced teachers in the school? How does that help our kids? 30399WorldGuru
That is a really strange view. How well you inspire and teach children should be the measure not how many pieces of paper you have. If you think a masters in nuclear physics makes you a better primary school teacher then I have a bridge for sale. 30388daveb1978
If you read this article they make it seem like teachers are just in it for the money (Do not get me wrong money does not solve everything). So we are telling the teachers to stop complaining and on top of that we are going to increase the requirements for a teachers qualifications. Then i go the the front page of stuff and come across the article about a young teacher that was the target of 4 boys with an upskirt video. ( Then my wife comes home from school and tells me that a school kid tells her she is a racist piece of sh*t. Maybe we must look at the bigger picture of why teachers are unhappy. Yes a financial approach is probably not the best i agree as per this article. Teachers are getting verbally and mentally abused at school by school kids. In some cases ,as per the other stuff article, feeling physically threatened... Talking to my wife, she said she loves working with kids and yes it is a calling. But people can only take so much before you are broken and have nothing to give... and that is in any job283911BarendG
Yes, he is right about the bar needing to be raised. There is too many private training institutions offering teaching degrees now, especially for primary teaching. I feel this lowers the quality of the training on offer.28324Theplacebo
Most teachers have 3-4 year degrees. Secondary teachers have a degree in their specialist area plus a post-grad teaching diploma. The possible reason schools have to hire applicants with just diplomas is that they are not getting suitably qualified applicants? Hence the reason to make teaching more attractive as a profession?! Yes, pay does matter. Just look at the MPs who get pay rises every year in addition to their cozy salaries and perks!27281ikie
So lets take a profession thats already struggling to attract newcomers and make it less attractive. Wouldnt trust this man to teach a dog tricks, let alone educate a child...246036Zifnab
You would have to pay me a fortune to go anywhere near teaching in the current environment. The absolutely disgusting left leaning liberal agenda line that must be followed in order to be allowed to teach any free thinking or diverse opinions are discouraged. 

The fact that you have no ability to discipline children or if you state an opinion that upsets the children or parents you risk losing your teaching license. 

When kids decide to lay unfounded complaints against you then you are constantly having to stress out and defend yourself for dear life, because its easier for disgruntled students to get rid of a teacher than it is for a teacher to deal with a disgruntled student.

Working long hours without pay (eg. having to prepare lessons and mark tests in your own time) and having to take work home with you.

So good luck to anyone who wants this, I can understand why this career doesnt look very attractive to many and this is probably a huge cause of any teacher shortage;
Is it really expected that teachers work out of sheer altruism? Pull the other one, Alwyn?245127brutustheduck
Many of my best most dedicated teachers have diplomas. There is no direct correlation between the two in my experience - higher qualification and better teacher. There may be - but equally I have had poor teachers with double degrees.23263Kelly-Ned

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