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Headline: Milking it: NZs milk price: Whos getting rich?

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We pay too much for a lot of things.  Insurance - the reinsures getting their Chch money back. Fuel, the fuel companies making hay before the sun goes down on oil.  Banking, far cheaper around the world, the four Oz banks take over 5 billion in profit from NZ a year. 1300 bucks per man woman and child in NZ just in profit.  Food, the four Oz supermarket chains take 4.5 billion in profit out of NZ every year because we are over charged for food.  Fonterra are just doing what big business does and maximizing the profit from us.1411421Jonty202428.
We also pay very high prices for wood, especially good old pine which we make in huge quantities.
Go and buy a few metres of timber and see how much you pay!
I wouldnt mind paying high prices for everything if incomes even moderately attempted to keep up.My overseas visitors are shocked at the disparity.But we politely mumble and carry on.85872considered
Fonterra should clean up its mess...This anti competitive behaviour would not be tolerated in most advanced countries!738815Crashed out
well duhhhh .... weve been saying this for the last few years. Nearly everything we produce here is sold overpriced to our own people - meat and dairy. Probably so supermarket owners can jump on the rich list.Nah - start getting produce from the markets if you are lucky enough to have them near by. Id rather my money went directly to the growers and producers than to inflate some supermarket pigs ego72742boohoo2
Only because of the 2 big supermarket chains. Gouging kiwis and their suppliers and basically fixing prices to whatever they want. The sooner we get more competition against them the better. 63652Kir60
You mean the supermarkets where the guys who own just one appear on the rich list?They must feel good making big profits off daily staples like milk.60633Alroy
As a farmer (and with the current milk solids % in my milk/litre) I am on track to get paid 84c/ litre at the end of the season.   Must be a heck of a lot of value added to the milk between my farm vat and your supermarket trolley.58602Scratcher1
join the rich list - own a supermarket. 58602Gianna Kennedy
It is simple. People need to stop buying the expensive milk. Go for the budget brands instead of buying the one with the fancy packaging.587113Diving
And dont forget that old chestnut your local council, rate increases well ahead of inflation, consent fees that are vastly inflate the cost of building and quite possibly a CEO earning more than Prime Minister of Canada, especially if you live in the Tron 57603Whamp
yep look no further than the latest Rich ListYou wont find farmers names there, but sure as heck, will find supermarket owners names there.55550one2many
What we need is a journalist who can separate the Distributor and Retailers markups?
Lumping them both together does not help us work out who is making the most profit.
Send in some spies and some copies of invoices?

kiwis are generally ripped off from hourly rates to full time wages, ALL commodities produced here like meat, fruit & veg and of course milk... companies producing this stuff prefer to sell little to a few but make big profits, rather than sell lots to ALL NZers and make good money... wouldnt be great if everyone could afford to by a 1lt of milk everyday or a kg of apples - better/cheaper to buy sugar loaded juice.53552Bigphil
Always something wrong when people moan about the price of imported petrol yet milk that is made in NZ hardly gets a mention46515Antimatter
For heavens sake please read the article! The author clearly explains the process that the commerce commission developed to ensure what fonterra pay is fair. This process has had several inquiries in recent years and EVERY TIME has shown fonterra to be acting responsibly. If you had read the article you would see that author cited the lack of competition in our supermarkets as being the problem!!! These two giants not only extort the consumer but also their suppliers. I can assure you there is nothing more frustrating than going into a supermarket and seeing the prices they charge, knowing full well what those that actually produce the product receive. I strongly believe that in this modern AGE OF THE INQUIRY, that we seriously look at how these two companies operate because this is seriously where the problem lies. 41432Sam2627
That as well as monopolies that have been aloud to gouge the market and quickly stamp out any competition. The building supplies market strangled by Fletchers aggressively squeeze any new comer out. Its time to break these monopolies up!!41410Yeah right!!
Reading the new Rich List majority are supermarket surprises there,,,40433dagoldtoof
A record number of supermarket owners have made the top 100 rich list. Coincidence? I think not. I dont begrudge people making their fortune but in NZ we dont really have competition in this sector since there are really only 2 players, progressive and foodstuffs. 39412Whomp on

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