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Headline: Nurses' Organisation ordered into facilitation with DHBs ahead of Thursday's strike

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I think most people would want to see nurses treated better.  The bit I dont understand is why the Nurses Organisation (and their members) never went on strike under the previous government and instead ratified (ie. agreed to) terrible pay increases.  Then when the new government comes in and offers more to the nurses in their first year in office than the nurses got offered in nine years COMBINED under the previous government, the nurses turn around and say no way.  That bit doesnt make sense.  A lot could improve for nurses under three years of this government that is more sympathetic to their position.  But expecting decades of injustice to be resolved in the first year is very naive. 9010919Robbie
9 years of asking them to wait because National said they couldnt afford it leading to wages half what they would receive overseas...  The Government is in surplus, there are no excuses for not catching up after being asked to wait for 9 years.

MPs never waited.  10 or 15 percent wage rise every year.

Managers never wait.  Their excuse is they need to keep pace with overseas salaries.  

Maybe the nurses are sick of being asked to tighten their belts while the bosses get fat.
739219Alt Write
I think this is a big miscalculation. 

The offer sounds pretty good, and has even been extended with additional concessions. To reject that and strike risks loosing public support

Personally I value nurses highly, and acknowledge they were badly short-changed by the previous government (who I used to vote for). But the money bag is only so large, and must also be shared with Police and other government workers who also need a fair pay increase. And by asking the government for more, the nurses are asking me to pay more tax or loose an existing entitlement elsewhere. I have already foregone my $20/week tax cut, and received a net 0.6% pay rise this year, so I am going backwards when inflation is 1.6%
Stuff! How can you end this article with: âBy December 2019, the average take-home pay of a full-time, experienced registered nurse will be around $93,000 a year. When JUST 2 paragraphs earlier you stated that the top base pay offered by December 2019 will be $77,368. Do you have any idea what âtake home pay❠is? Thats the pay in a nurses pocket AFTER taxes, union fees and other deductions. Do you have any ideas how many extra shifts/overtime/penal rates a nurse would have to work to TAKE HOME $99,000? Shocking fact checking. Dont perpetuate lies. 526412joonebug2000
Hard to accept an offer from a union who pays itself so well.506818Juna
How come youre not posting all the comments stuff ? Ill try again ... Im a nurse .. the other am when I arrived to work, we were once again only 5 nurses to a 32 patient acute ward . Acute meaning extremely unwell, multiple and life threatening health issues and most bed ridden. On our ward alone 7 staff is âsafe staffing❠not extra staff ... just safe . Again we had 5. This meant we all started our day 3 hours under ( to the public this means fitting an 11.5 hour day into 8 hours ). There was no extra staff to call on. No helping hands to help turn , clean, feed , medicate or provide basic necessities To our patients . How are we, as nurses, greedy for turning down an offer that does not adequately provide for our patients and their families? As a nurse I left at the end of the day frustrated and sad. This is not what I signed up for. Tell me why I am greedy to want more for those I am caring for ?506515lindsey
The deal is indeed not that bad, I agree with you. However if we have a spare 1B to spend on pacific aid (most of Manukau DHB health spending is already for self inflicted/controllable medical issued ie: Diabetes, Obesity, Respiratory Illnesses) 2B for submarine detecting aircrafts and was it 36M instant money for the Manus Island Refugees then logic states that money is there, they just dont want to spend it on health.435714Reaper85
They are milking Labour for this money, clearly nothing like this happened with National in power - probably because they knew it would be harder to get money out of the Nats.

Thats how this all seems to me anyway. 
Yet again they are trotting out the line - By December 2019, the average take-home pay of a full-time, experienced registered nurse will be around $93,000 a year., which is complete nonsense! The DHBs are intentionally misleading the public in order to steer support away from nurses. 385618NRH
My daughter is a post theater recovery Nurse, however Im right against this strike. If I read the media report right then 3 x 3% pay increases in a 12 month period adds up to a 9% pay increase to me. Plus the $2000 one off payment. Come on good people. Dont you think enough is enough? You all had 9 years under the previous government and not a peep out of you. And no, Im not Labour supporter. 389658JBH1948
Part of the deal nurses want improved (because its not all about money) is safer staffing levels.

Safer staffing levels mean safer patient care. Nurses are fighting to get/keep more staff in the profession so that the public get better care!

Stop calling nurses greedy. If youve ever been a patient and waited too long for help/pain relief its highly likely because that nurse was very busy. If the nurse-to-patient ratio is better then your needs will be met in a timely manner, your assessments will get done on time, your nurse will have time to sit with you and try calm your fears.

How many other employees of big corporations fight for improvement in the publics care while trying to get recognition of their value to the industry??
Why dont Nurses hire the remuneration authority to set their salaries? They always seem to tack on another 15-20% to MPs and Judges pay after all36426Cappy
Im a nurse but sorry..this is a mistake. we are starting to look greedy 369761Zlatan
Nurses why didnt you strike under National I. The last 9 years. Labour have doubled the offer. Its a $500m - yes, half-a-billion-dollar - offer. Its a doubling of what was originally on the table. It includes a nine per cent pay rise over three years and a six per cent pay rise in the first year.Very few other workforces will be expecting a bump like that in the next few years, and its there that nurses will want to be aware of which direction public opinion is going. 367438Gem1
I would like to see the MPs salaries increase at the same rate as the lowest increases in the Public Sector. That will stop this sort of thing happening in the future.35383Jiminy_Cricket
This has been a issue for at least the last two decades. Explain that. All previous governments have underpaid and understaffed them.33429Macca990
Unions, the biggest leeches of them all. 324917Den Dennis
Dear Stuff,Please dont report the proposed RN wages without doing your research. The two new top steps have been delayed with the latest proposal. Step 6 you reported as December is now mid next year. Step 7 now doesnt come into effect until August 2020. In not doing your research- you have joined the DHBs in 0ly putting out to the public information that is misleading- such as the average nurse having a take home pay of $93000. Very few would- only senior nurses working 45 weekend shifts a year, every public holiday and 1 1/2 months of night shift. This in NO WAY reflects the average nurse in the public health system. 32386LizziesGirl
If the average nurse would earn $93 000, then the deal would have been accepted. The actual and mathematically correct figure is more like $77 000. Republishing this figure is misleading and perpetuates the dhb spin, not helpful! 32375Jane Key

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