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Headline: Transmission Gully motorway looks likely to be user-pays after Labour shifts gears on tolling

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As a Labour voter i am going off this government in a big way. 
Does Twyford not understand or realise that this road is not just created so people can take a casual Sunday drive to the beach. This road is an important link for goods and services into the Wellington area which is presently clogged with inadequate roads. When the Labour government of the day turned the Railways into a profit centre their ability to properly service the freight traffic in the area took a dive as they looked for flashier ways to make profit.
Regardless of the commercial factors the road is also a safety corridor to get people out of the Wellington area in the event of an earthquake and Tsunami. You can imagine the queues of people at the toll gates that have fled with little or no assets being denied the ability to exit until the mandarins are satisfied.
This road should have been built 50 years ago and Wellington has been running with sub standard roads ever since. Auckland has built roads left right and centre with no impediment, all Wellington is asking is that we at least have one important road from the district without having to pay for it.
This is left wing madness.
Tax number 72. Tax the residents to oblivion Labour, thats sure to kill off the NZ lifestyle, what little there is left of it.
Lets Tax it - Lets Do This.
This is truly insane. We wait years for a much needed road and now the shiney pants brigade and a whacko minister decide to put the handbrake on it because too many people will use it?! And I thought Id seen it all 1231307HandUp
labour party slogan. We Can Tax This.11012414roswellnewmexico
What a bunch of lowlifes - the taxpayer has already paid for this over the years. Best options dump 50% of the Politicians and reduce the salaries of the rest plus their minions, that should be more than enough. Really see red with this sort of thievery.10912011diispassionate
Hey Labour voters who believed the no new taxeslie, TOLD YOU SO. 
You want people to use public transport? Make it attractive. Not the crowded cramped, dirty unreliable farce it is now
1071158Green Machine
Poor excuse for a toll alright. But then does that surprise you with this out of touch, sham of a govt. 10611812Winterstorm
What makes Transmission Gully so different to he Waikato Expressway? Why toll Welly but not Waikato? Makes absolutely no sense.1011076MishM
Agree having spent the past month overseas the local roads in Texas are far better than any of our State Highways which are an embarrassment. A cost benefit analysis of getting from A to B faster and safer would come up pretty favourable. Twyford once again proving he's a complete idiot...9510712Oscarbailey
We paid  for this road out of our fuel tax now we have to pay to use it. 931029Plug in
The US suggested the highway between Auckland and Wellington during the second world war. For interest, the US also built the runway at Ardmore, the one not in use today. Talk about vision, we never had it, never will.85894Rhodium
I presume you mean that we need a four-lane highway between Auckland and Wellington? We already have a two-lane road.849410TheBismarck
For Gods sake - why build the road if you dont want too many people to use it.84884smokes
could make driving too attractive........ isnt that the whole reason behind it....... to improve, develop and move with the times (albeit 20 years behind)83874Sclent
Let's tax this 83918John Cook
Anyone really surprised that the Ardern tax and spend Government would introduce additional charges for motorists. Expect a lot more speed cameras as thats a great revenue gatherer too.81898Gaza69
Twyford needs to go, he is clueless.809616ZK-TSB
Spend all that money on the road then discourage people to use it ???? Hmmmmm labour govt aye 76837Rocket3man
Build all those roads for auckland without a toll and build 1 for Wellington and you want to put a toll on it. Why wasn't the waterview tunnel in Auckland tolled as an example. There are alternative routes for people to take. Vote Labour out74806truth..hurts

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