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Headline: Being cold and rationing heating is now normal in New Zealand

In total 1069 comments were made and 11327 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?

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But the problem is the crap houses - no point heating a house if it all of it goes straight out again. In Norway (and rest of northern Europe) the houses are excellent so need minimal heating and stay warm and dry.1071125Penguin1234
50 years ago NZ had cheap power prices.
What has happened?
(One thing is too many highly paid execs, who have a captive market.)

931018Digby Green
Megan here is what your report should find first. It was a dumb idea deregulating the power industry as like the health system it then needs a whole bunch of CEOs with their entourages to run them and then selling half of these companies off shore means that the investors want profits, its not rocket science and hardly needs a review , unless you want to pay me to be on the panel.81854soothsayer 007
Dont get involved Megan remember petrol you had a chat with BP the result was the highest petrol price ever 74806Robin86
Bet the power companies are salivating with the onset of electric vehicles, and the push by the greenies to get rid of petrol and diesel. Electricity prices will skyrocket when everyones charging their cars at night! 66748Vinn
We dont live in a city, thankfully (never will again) so are able to use a log fire. This heats the whole house including the toilet (thanks to a large HTS) for a very reasonable cost. Our heat pump will probably last forever as we never use it; electricity in NZ is a total ripoff.61654Peter C
6 cents/KWh for commercial users but 25 cents for the taxpayers who built the dams. 61698Stevez58
The whole energy market in NZ is a total rort controlled by a few big main players, be this petrol or electricity. We pay amongst the highest prices in the world for power and we generate a huge percentage (80-90%) using low cost Hydro and Geothermal means. So this tells me the competitive market model set up by National in the 90s is broken as prices just go up and up every year.  Yes there a small players skirting the edges of the big energy cos, offering deals that are not that good and they rely on the fickle wholesale spot market where prices can rocket when demand is high. Big guys offer some term discounts, but never lower the rising KwH unit price as a rule as they dont need too.

So Megan Woods you really need to regulate the wholesale supply market that all players can access and also look at the high prices that the local Line Company monopolies charge, they go up every year as well. I am not holding my breath that you will act Minister, but we the ripped off freezing Kiwis live in hope as we crowd around the heater in one room!
Privatise the power companies they said..... Competition brings more efficient prices they said....52531plumbo
I can remember as a kid growing up in the King Country, that during the winter we had three two bar heaters running flat out, and an open fire during the winter months. There were six kids in the family and not that much money going around. We were clothed, fed and were warm. If you did that today with the price of electricity, forget about food.
New Zealand has only built one more power station of size, since then, yet our power bills have gone through the roof.
The elderly are suffering and kids are freezing in their own homes. What has happened??
51532EyeSpy .
But when national sold off power companies to their mates, against our wishes, they said they'd be more efficient and the increased competition would lead to cheaper power. Did they lie? 47569carnoustie
Genesis Energy CEO salary $1.8 mil
Merdian Energy CEO $1.8 mil
Mighty River Power CEO over $1 mil
Trustpower CEO $1.4 mil
No wonder our electricity prices are so high when we have to pay for these bloated salaries. Privatisation what a wonderful idea for creating competition in the electricity sector. Competition to see who can pay the highest CEO salary that is 
Its simple Digby. The power was not provided by private companies who are there to make a profit. Remember? We all owned our local power companies. When the Bolger govt forced them to be sold we were given a few hundred dollars worth of shares. And then suddenly the prices went up and up and up....45461happy 55
This so-called Minister of energy is going to call for a review on power prices (like she she did on fuel companies) !!!! all mouth and no substance!! 435512Richardmack1
This is the danger of privatising what are essential services without leaving fundamental controls in place.42442Wbtbf
Any survey by this crowd is very suspicious. The questions are asked to give the answers they require. Or require a yes answer either way.385113Mrs Browns Boy
Residential electricity prices have risen by around 50 per cent since 2000

This should have been the headline and would make a far more informative story.
As for heating this year we havnt really felt the need yet. Our wood pile is still overflowing
can you run an extension cord :)35350Kaikanui
look at the annual profits these power companies make $billions,really,we are getting the life sucked out of us while they sit up there and laugh at us!! 35416hava wodka

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