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Our Vision

  • To accelerate the world towards Real Time Direct Democracy.

  • We believe the key to this is to create an open source, uncensored and transparent voting system.

  • We see a future where, instead of reading the news paper, or checking our news feed, we activly participate in creating the world we want to live in.

  • We see a future where the people of New Zealand are thriving in both physical and mental health.

  • We see a future where no decision is made without discussion from within the community affected first.

  • We see a future of soverign human beings, living in peace other sientient beings, causing the least harm possible.

Of course having a vision of a utopian world is nothing new. We can take inspriation from the The Venus Project as an example of what the solution might look like.
A bit closer to home The first tiny home villiage in NZ is centred around pant-based wholefoods cafe. Antidote Software is a innovative way of looking at "point of sale" cafe systems, by offering an itegrated nutritional index so you can check if you are getting adequte nutrition in your diet. By working together there is no limit to how positive our future can be.
One of the keys to creating a vibrant thriving community is innovation. Just building more unaffordable houses is not the solution. Innovation is the key.
Sometimes you really need to get the rule book, ceremoniously throw it out the window and focus entirely on what is the most effective method of resolving the problem. Housing is a classic example of an industry crippled by it's legislation. Innovation is penalised every step of the way.
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