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COVID-19 vaccination programme
As we mentioned in the 8 June bulletin, we are aware that some schools are being approached by an individual, or individuals, opposed to the COVID-19 vaccination programme. These approaches may include requests to attend board meetings.
Board meetings are held in public and anyone is able to attend. It is up to the board whether any person in attendance can be granted speaking rights. The board may ask the person to put any concerns they may have in writing.
School boards should actively manage adherence to the COVID-19 health and safety measures outlined on the Ministry of Health website.
Boards are reminded that under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 they must so far as is reasonably practicable, consult, co-operate with, and co-ordinate health and safety activities with the Ministry of Health in health and safety matters related to improving, promoting, and protecting public health. In short this means that by following public health advice, the board is exercising its health and safety obligations.
In terms of making school premises places for vaccination to occur, that is a matter for the board.
We will provide details about any decisions regarding vaccines for young people aged 12-15 as soon as that information is available.
You can find more information about the vaccination rollout on

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Wisdom of the crowd

Mary Jane Newman Mary Jane Newman wrote. If it's a school board meeting where your children are in attendance, then it's a parent's right to be able to speak at board meetings, so that you as a parent have a say in what happens to your children at that school (or in any school in fact).
The board are there to oversee how a school operates, in the best interests of the a parent/guardian/caregiver for the children attending have every right to speak up at board's not for the board to say they can or cannot speak.
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Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. "It is up to the board whether any person in attendance can be granted speaking rights", really? What should we do, wear a mask and only speak when we are told. Sorry I'm an adult now you don't get to speak to me like that anymore.

We're equals now.
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Chris G Chris G wrote. Stop all Mandates . They against the law .
The government is not our God !
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