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Headline: Save the Children Project

Operation "Save the Children" (STC).

Now when it comes to vaccinating children I read somewhere that vaccine hesitancy goes from 30% for parents getting themselves vaxxed to 45% for their children.

"While Gorman would like 95 percent of 12 to 15-year-olds immunised, Ministry of Health's latest research suggested just 55 percent of caregivers would let their children get a dose"

For Operation STC to be successful we need to understand these numbers and why.

Parents have been known to perform feats of incredible strength to protect their children.

E.G. quote from the above link:  "In 2006, Ivujivik, Quebec, resident Lydia Angiyou saved several children by fighting a polar bear until a local hunter shot the bear.[9]"

So our allies are...high vaccine hesitancy and hysterical strength. Oh and almost forgot "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God"...

Our obstacles are a tyrannical government taking orders from a global power structure unlike anything we have ever seen on this planet, oh and a year of intimidation, fear, and brainwashing...

So why Wanganui?

Listen to the interview...

"Are students excited? Ahhh no...not excited"

So the students are mostly going to be on our side with this one. Potentially an easy win.

So why Wanganui?


Probably unrelated, but given it's been called the China Virus and Chinese links with...who are they again? Let's just look at this link about Whanganui High School:

Quote exert from the above link: "In 2013 Whanganui High School was approved by the International Confucius Institute in Beijing to set up a Confucius Classroom – one of only four secondary schools in New Zealand and only 400 worldwide. Confucius Institutes are non-profit public institutions aligned with China that aim to promote Chinese language and culture, support local Chinese teaching internationally, and organise student cultural exchanges.[18]"

Just a coincidence...surely?

Anyway, the scene is set.

The battle plan.

"The truth will set you free".

The flyer / online Q and A form...

Answer 10 questions and go in the draw to win $10,000!

1. Who makes the covid-sars2-vaccine distributed in NZ? (Pfizer)

2. How many times has the manufacturer of the NZ vaccine been convicted and found guilty since 2000? (71 times)

3. Name two of the crimes this company was convicted of. (Take your pick, but bribing officials and falsifying reports are ones they'll find)

4. As of 1st Jan 2021, which company holds the biggest medical fraud in US history? (Pfizer,  is this too easy?)

5. Who approved the Pfizer vaccine in NZ? (Medsafe)

6. Which company "designed the Study, collected the data, analyzed the data and wrote the report" that Medsafe relied upon when they granted provisional approval to a limited number of people in NZ. (Pfizer, Sue do you have the link for this? 44000, 22000 given placebo.)

7. Name the lawyer who challenged the government on the vaccine rollout and won in the high court. (Sue Grey)

8. What did the government do? (Changed the law)

9. What year do the official vaccine trials end? (2023).

10. When there are no long-term studies on safety is the statement, "safe and effective" true or false?

Congratulations you're in the draw to win 10k!

Additional questions for brainiacs.

Who is Dr. Malone? (mRNA inventor)

Where do the lipids end up? Why does Dr. Malone think this could be a problem? (hmmmmm)

Have you seen this video?

Wanganui is the beachhead of the next battle. If we win in Wanganui we are well set to win the country!

If we win the "Save the Children" battle effectively we save the future of NZ.

The project is now live

In total 8 comments were made and 7 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?


Wisdom of the crowd

Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. Idea 1. Replace "covid-sars2" With #hashtag stab jab on question number one.
Total Votes: Agree:2 Disagree:0 Ratio:100% Agree.
Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. Just speaking out loud here, but in the ideal world comments are more important than articles.

If you consider this "POST" an Article, what votenow is doing is doing is looking for the consensus best answer or most up-voted least down-voted response to the Article.

OK this article is obviously biased towards "Anti-Vax" as the Media would put it, perhaps?

When one considers the 10 questions however it becomes somewhat difficult to just criticise the author without recognising there are large inconsistencies happening in the world that we should discuss.

Now really the problem for the media becomes as more people votenow the statistical likelyhood of the "wisdom of the crowd" being wrong get lower. The democratic option becomes undeniable.

So would it be Fuel on the fire to say.

111 Police Emergency.

Children are being poisioned in Wanganui School on Thursday. God help us if we don't do something.

1,000,000 to the Best 10 questions to convince someone to become a covid freedom fighter.
100,000 to the Best 10 questions to ask Parents and Teachers before letting thier children consent to being vaxinated.
10,000 to Go in the Draw to win Answer 10 questions.

Just talking out loud thats still allowed right?
Total Votes: Agree:1 Disagree:0 Ratio:100% Agree.
Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. Wow the average cost of a vaccine injury is USD$585K that's like NZD$800K, two injuries would pay for the whole 1.11 Mill Phone call.

Total Votes: Agree:1 Disagree:0 Ratio:100% Agree.
Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. Re 111 Police Emergency

For the Million prize some questions might be...

Have you seen
Were you in the majority or minority for the for the survey on
Have you watched Ask the Experts Movie?
Do you know who Dr Vernon Coleman is?
Have you read and refuted the 429 Links on

Would be up there?
Total Votes: Agree:1 Disagree:0 Ratio:100% Agree.
Daniel Suter Daniel Suter wrote. Here's another great question. How many children have died of covid19 without pre-existing conditions. (Answer 0). Need to cite some references but, but even WSJ is coming out against the vaccine as big media looks to come out on the right side of the equation on this one.
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Ian Bray Ian Bray wrote. Refer to

Bill Gates - Darf Vader
Dr Fauci - Palpatine
Big Pharm - The Death Star
Google - The Dark Side
Lockdown Police - Storm Troopers
The Vaccination Syringes - E11 Blast Rifles
Judy Milkovits (Plandemic - Science Whistle Blower) - Princess Leia
David Martin (Plandemic - National Intelligence Analyst) - Luke Skywalker
Mikki Willis (Plandemic Director) - Hans Solo
All resistance Leaders - Gedi Knights
Wisdom Of The Crowd/The Resistance - The Force.

It actually takes little stretch of the inagination to do this.
Total Votes: Agree:1 Disagree:1 Ratio:50% Agree.
Ian Bray Ian Bray wrote. The agenda is 'divide and conquer'. Lock down was all about this. So EVERYONE against vaccinations should be seen. Spead the word that if you're anti vax, then order a glow inthe dark lime green wrist band with 'ANTIVAX' on it. This will contribute to saving lives.

The more people who do this, the more people will be encouraged follow suit and dare to speak out. It's the only way to stop people thinking they are in a minority. Do it today, cheap as, easy as. Mines already ordered.
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Total Votes: Agree:0 Disagree:0 Ratio:0% Agree.


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