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2021 is seemingly all about misinformation. Two years ago there would have been rigorous debate about this on Stuff which was the leading media platform for discussion. Today not even one comment. Whats going on? Do you support NZDSOS or are they spreading misinformation. Have your say...

In total 3 comments were made and 1 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?


Wisdom of the crowd

Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. Clearly a hit piece on, interesting they don't actually reference their website anywhere on the article. I think I might know why...

1. (17 questions that if your doctor even tries to answer them they are bound to tell you not to get the jab) No misinformation there?

2. Nuremberg code with highlighted paragraphs on your rights which the government is trying to violate, still no misinformation?

3. 7234 Signatures and growing with almost 1000 doctors, dentists, nurses, allied health professionals and other scientists in New Zealand that have signed the declaration.

As far as the spreading misinformation goes and silencing the crowd goes, have to give the award to Stuff on this one.
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Amanda Butson Amanda Butson wrote. I support NZDSOS
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Chris G Chris G wrote. Total support for NZDSOS !
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