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Headline: Open letter from the people of New Zealand to the Government.

Time to have your say.

Remember you don't have to create the whole letter by yourself just add your key point and let the crowd do the rest.

When we have all the key points we can do a first collective draft and then vote on changes.

Any other ideas also welcome.

Together we are unstoppable. The true power is the crowd!

In total 3 comments were made and 7 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?


Wisdom of the crowd

Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. We the people of New Zealand declare to the new Zealand Government.

1. We are not guinea pigs to be experimented on.

2. We will not be intimidated, coerced, bullied or fooled into taking this so called vaccine.

Total Votes: Agree:4 Disagree:0 Ratio:100% Agree.
Pauline Gough Pauline Gough wrote. We object to the manipulation and propaganda used by this government to bully NZ citizens into being injected with the experimental mRNA "vaccine" before proper trials have been completed. We object to ministers claiming it is "highly safe and effective" when there is no proof at this early stage. We object to the ceaseless marketing of this "vaccine" for over one year, when there are many reputable doctors and scientists who have had success with alternative treatments for Covid 19. We object to the refusal of this government to have round table discussions and televised debates with doctors and scientists of opposing views to the government narrative.
Total Votes: Agree:3 Disagree:0 Ratio:100% Agree.
Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. Questions for the government.

1. How can you talk of health but never of placebo?
- Placebo is widely recognised as a major component of overall health and well-being. At least 30% or more is attributed to the power of our minds on average. What is our potential and how do we achieve that?
- Placebo is the realm of the mind. You talk nothing of the mind, the mental aspect of health. You talk only of fear, incarceration and quarantine. These things are detrimental to mental health of any kind.
- Placebo. Be kind and kindness will become you.
- Placebo. We the soverign beings of New Zealand and the World we will win.

Total Votes: Agree:0 Disagree:0 Ratio:0% Agree.


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