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A ministerial briefing warns unregistered raw milk providers are depleting Government coffers by up to $70,000 each year.

The Ministry for Primary Industries requires dairy farmers to register if they want to produce raw milk, and follow hygiene rules around bottling, storing and distributing the milk. These rules came into effect in 2016.

Some suppliers found a loophole to avoid the associated compliance costs, which are said to be between $10,000 and $20,000.

They set up limited liability partnerships as a work-around to the regulations, which threatened the viability of many raw milk businesses, because they no longer allowed collection points. Milk had to be bought at the farm gate or delivered to customers' homes.

In total 3 comments were made and 12 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?


Wisdom of the crowd

Char Staples Char Staples wrote.

As a person who does not support the dairy industry in the first instance because of the harm caused to the dairy cows and the practise of taking the bobby calves from their mothers and slaughtering them, I am inclined to vote for the immediate cease of the dairy industry as a whole. However, it is a fact that raw milk is far more healthier for the public than the over processed kind that has been stripped of all of the nutrients that are then sold to china, which is a heinous practise in its self.

The government has no right to intefere in public choice in regards to milk and should allow the farmers to keep providing raw milk to whatever consumers want it.

Total Votes: Agree:4 Disagree:0 Ratio:100% Agree.
Daniel Suter Daniel Suter wrote.

This is really beyond ridiculous.

First that we are even talking about drinking milk!

Secondly that the type of milk that you're allowed to drink is determined by MPI who seemingly just want to run and hide from this abhorrent scenario. 

Why does our government seem to want to control every aspect of our lives. Surely less government lower taxes, if raw milk makes people sick they will stop drinking it no need to interfere.

Total Votes: Agree:4 Disagree:1 Ratio:80% Agree.
Grant Edwards Grant Edwards wrote. It's not the government's business what we buy and consume.
Total Votes: Agree:3 Disagree:0 Ratio:100% Agree.


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