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  • Millions paid by the tax payer to build.
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In total 3 comments were made and 15 votes were cast. So what is the crowd saying?

Wisdom of the crowd

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Char Staples Char Staples wrote. A democracy is supposed to be a system of government by all of the, (eligible), people, usually through elected representatives. Therefore, for it to be a true democracy, it must be direct, fair, honest and transparent, with provisions made for representatives to be held to account should they breach these core principles, in order to avoid corruption. This means that the people need to be privy to all issues and they must be given any such information in a clear and concise manner, that is easy to understand by a layman or atleast to give access to the same. And further to this, the people must be consulted and given the freedom to respond in a reasonable time frame, in an environment that they know their feedback is being listened to and vacelated over with the best interests and majority of the "wisdom" of the crowd being adhered to. So, even if the people have elected representation, this works as a democracy only when it is direct and the power at the end of the day is put into the hands of the people and this is where VoteNowNZ surpasses VoteNZ by a country mile and has the potential to give this world the healing transformation it so desperately needs, towards a better tomorrow!
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